Together for a Europe Free From Prostitution

Welcome to the webpages of the EWL campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’

Welcome to the webpages of the EWL campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’. Throughout the following pages, you will get more information about the EWL campaign, its objectives, tools, supporters and many resources about the issue of prostitution in Europe.

The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has for years been committed to working towards a Europe free from prostitution, by supporting key abolitionist principles which state that the prostitution of women and girls constitutes a fundamental violation of women’s human rights, a serious form of male violence against women, and a key obstacle to equality between women and men in our societies.

The EWL believes that, to realise a world free from prostitution, we need:

  • To raise awareness, open spaces for debates and questions, allow people to discuss, exchange, learn more about what prostitution really is;
  • To support women survivors of prostitution and make their voices heard;
  • To involve men who are not ‘prostitute-users’ and use peer pressure to encourage positive attitudes towards equality and respect for women’s rights.

In this purpose, the EWL has based its advocacy work on different awareness raising tools. Already in 2006, the EWL’s action focused on making the voices of women survivors of prostitution heard; the video-clip and film ’Not for sale’ was therefore produced and you can watch it below.

In 2011, the EWL wanted to complement its material by addressing the general audience and particularly involving men. This is why the EWL has decided to give visibility to its work through new campaign materials: one of those is the video-clip ’For a change of perspective’ which calls on men to stand up against the system of prostitution by identifying with a male prostitute through a thought-provoking reversion of roles (the majority of prostituted persons being women).

Finally, the new EWL action gives the opportunity for everyone to engage against the system of prostitution by taking a pledge and concretely supporting the campaign. You can take the pledge by signing up below.

Enjoy the EWL webpages of the campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’!

For a change of perspective

You can watch the clip in English below, but it’s also available in 28 other languages! Click here to watch the clip in your language.

Campaign against the prostitution english version from Black Moon prod on Vimeo.

Not for sale

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I pledge not to engage in the system of prostitution and I call on local, national and European decision-makers to take action towards a Europe free from prostitution!

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