COPA - European Farmers

COPA European Farmers

COPA is the united voice of farmers and their cooperatives in the European Union.

The objectives of COPA are:

  • to examine any matters related to the development of the Common Agricultural Policy
  • to represent the interests of the agricultural sector as a whole
  • to seek solutions which are of common interest, and
  • to maintain and develop relations with the Community authorities and with any other representative organisations or social partners established at European level.

The Women’s Committee of COPA calls upon the European Commission, the members of European Parliament and the national authorities to work on the following measures, which will directly and indirectly foster the status and position of women who are involved in farming:

  • Support projects and offer advice on creating innovative agricultural activities in rural areas.
  • Promote the concept of multi-functionality, which refers to extra activities developed on or outside of the farm, in addition to the farm’s production role.
  • Encourage women’s entrepreneurial skills and initiatives, in particular through entrepreneurial networks and life-long learning, encourage female professionals to become more involved in decision making in agricultural organizations and local, regional and national governments.
  • Secure social protection measures based on equal rights for men and women.
  • Develop information databases and networks at Members State level in order to register and raise awareness about the economic and social situation of women in rural areas.
  • Improving the quality and accessibility of infrastructure, good internet-connection, good facilities and services for everyday life in rural areas, to quarantine living standards that are equivalent to those in urban areas.

Copa represents around 23 million farmers and their families.

On the farms women play a key-role. Women bring not only their entrepreneurial thinking, but also have specific communicative and social skills. Female farm-owners and assisting spouses are therefore highly present and active on farms. A lot of women work full-time or part-time on the family farm, sometimes without a social status or legal recognition. The nature of agricultural work is such that it entails a seven-day working week, therefore, measures on parental leave and sick leave replacement must be put in place. Guaranteeing social security coverage for women who are involved in farming is an essential factor to contribute to the modern, sustainable development of rural areas.



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