Les femmes dans la prise des décisions

EWL Strategic Aim 4: To position women at the heart of political, social and economic participation and decision-making.

Women are still woefully underrepresented in power and decision-making. Less than 25% of members of parliaments in Europe and 3% of CEOs in top companies are women. As feminist activists we see an urgent need to introduce measures to tackle the overrepresentation of men in all areas of power and decision-making, and to engage men in supporting our feminist vision.

Feminist Leadership
Feminist leadership is transformational, sees women as agents of change and not victims and advances structural changes for women’s rights. Feminist leadership consciously supports diversity and intersectionality. It makes space for and encourages other women.

To position women at the heart of decision-making, EWL works to:

  • Develop strategies to achieve more women elected in the European Parliament in the 2019 elections, and as many women as men in the College of Commissioners. To learn more about our work on women in politics, click here.
  • Use the EU Directive on women on boards as a tool to push for more women in the boards of big companies, as well as in other institutions, such as public institutions, middle-sized companies, university juries, courts, banks and media. To learn more about our work on women in business, click here.


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