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  • Women’s Rights and Right-Wing Populism

    Women's Rights and Right-Wing Populism

    [Brussels 15 February 2018] Last year the Bulgarian Platform of the European Women’s Lobby was involved in research focused on the impact of nationalism/right wing populism on women rights organisations, in the frame of the project financed by the FES - Bulgarian office.
    "In Europe, anti-European movements are gaining momentum, attracting sympathizers and supporters. The trend is extremely worrying about the future of Europe and has a particularly strong impact on the prevention and the (...) Read more

  • "Let’s Talk about Sex!"

     "Let's Talk about Sex!"

    [Brussels 15 February 2018] "Let’s Talk about Sex!" Watch this documentary on ARTE on teenage mothers in Romania, also available in French and German, and see our members in activist action!
    Find the link in to the documentary in English here.
    Fighting ignorance about sexuality and informing about its consequences is the goal of Daniela Draghici, Advisory Board member of the Society for Education in Contraception and (...) Read more

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In 2015, the European Women’s Lobby undertook a groundbreaking study to better understand women-led social enterprise in Europe. Here’s what we learned.

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