Working with men

  • Working with men

    Working with men means working with men who are prostitute-users (’clients’) and men who are not.
    The abolitionist movement has been key in highlighting prostitution as a system, that is showing that several actors play a role and should therefore be addressed. Besides prostituted persons, prostitute-users have been ignored for centuries, and thanks to the abolitionist advocacy, they are now considered for their real part in the system of prostitution: by demanding prostituted persons, they (...) Read more

  • Research and studies on prostitute-users

    Targeting the sexbuyer. The Swedish example: stopping prostitution and trafficking where it all begins, Katja Claude, 2010
    Tackling the demand that fosteres human trafficking, USAID, 2011
    Les clients de la prostitution, l’enquête, Claudine Legardinier and Saïd Bouamama, 2006
    Les clients en question. Étude sociologique & Enquête d’opinion publique, 2004
    L’homme en question. Le processus du devenir-client de la prostitution, Saïd Bouamama, 2004
    Men who buy sex, Melissa Farley, Julie Bindel (...) Read more

  • Men’s actions against the system of prostitution

    Testimonies of former prostitute-users: Jean-Louis Bevelacqua "La prostitution est un viol" Testimonies on the website of Prostitution&Société
    Men’s actions against the system of prostitution: International network ZéroMacho Read more

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