Portugal - Mobiliza-te Contra o Sexismo

In Portugal, the Mobilise Against Sexism! Project supported by the Council of Europe is being implemented by the Portuguese Platform for Women’s Rights (PpDM), EWL’s National Coordination in the country.

In this endeavor, PpDM joins the national mechanism for equality between women and men - CIG (The Commission for Citizenship and Gender Equality), IPDJ (The Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth), as well as UBI (The University of Beira Interior) and FPB (The Portuguese Basketball Federation). Over the past year and months, PpDM and CIG have met with strategic partners in the public sector and civil society, mobilizing them to raise awareness, adopt policies, change practices and contribute to the prevention and elimination of sexism across the society.

Sexism is prevalent in all societies and Portugal is no exception. In 2019, women in Portugal amounted to only 21% of all people holding a Bachelor’s degree in the tech area [1]. As a male-dominated sector, sexist culture prevails with 78% of women having heard sexist comments/jokes and witnessed sexist behaviour in their workplace. Moreover, 72% report being ignored until a man said the same thing they had been saying all along [2].

PpDM held meetings and workshops with the National Institute for Rehabilitation (INR), the Portuguese Institute of Sports and Youth (IPDJ), the High Commission for Migration (ACM), the Lisbon School of Communication and Media Studies (ESCS - IPL), teachers and educators from 11 universities and schools across the country, 12 women’s organizations, 4 NGO’s platforms and over 35 municipalities.

The partners’ eagerness to contribute stems from their own personal and professional experiences. For instance, 71% of the teachers and educators PpDM talked to asserted that sexism is prevalent in their sector and the majority feels that a lot is yet to be done [3].

“No one should be made to feel inferior because of her/his sex. It is very important to introduce these topics in the training of teachers and technicians in the social area.” - a teacher’s opinion at the end of the meeting

The campaign was officially launched on October 11, the International Day of the Girl Child, receiving widespread media attention both in Portugal and internationally. Across its social media accounts, PpDM has interacted with citizens over 8000 times.

PpDM created synergies with partners, who are now discussing their ideas about the Council of Europe Recommendation, training, raising awareness and applying them to their everyday work, autonomously and with PpDM’s collaboration. In Portugal, Mobilise Against Sexism! has had a multiplier effect that did not cease after the official end of the project.

On 2021, PpDM as well as their partners are continuing the work started within the project, mobilising to prevent and combat sexism in all its forms and manifestations.

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[1Figures made available by the Directorate-General of Education and Science Statistics of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Science.

[2Figures from the study conducted by Portuguese Women in Tech and Polar Insight, available at https://www.portuguesewomenintech.com/pioneers.

[3Survey conducted by PpDM after an online meeting (available upon request).

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