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50/50 Campaign: No Modern European Democracy Without Gender Equality

[Brussels, 01 March 2013] Following the success of the 50/50 campaign ahead of the European elections in 2009, which was endorsed by more than 300 prominent personalities across Europe including MEPs, EU Commissioners, Heads of States, National Ministers and collected a wide level of support from individuals and organisations, the European Women’s Lobby and a cross-party alliance of MEPs committed themselves to put gender parity on the European agenda ahead of the 2014 European Parliamentary elections.

Over 50 MEPs from five political groups, spanning the majority of the EU have already signed to support gender parity and pledged to take action ahead of the 2014 elections, to say that establishing a just democracy requires the representation of all Europeans, both women and men making the decisions which affect their lives.

Equal representation of women and men in public decision-making is a fundamental right. The under-representation of women constitutes a serious democratic deficit, which undermines the legitimacy of the contemporary democratic ideal and the European Union. A modern and genuine democracy requires gender equality.

The EWL 50/50 Campaign aims to achieve gender balance in all European institutions for the 2014 European Elections.
The campaign is led by the European Women’s Lobby. In the lead up to the 2014 elections, some actions and seminars throughout the campign will be supported by a Core Group, including representatives of the five political groups in the European Parliament.

You can read the EWL 50/50 campaign manifesto 2012-2014 here.

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