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AIETI and Red de Mujeres Latinoamericanas Launch Publication on Migrant Women & Male Violence in Spain

[Brussels 5 February 2020] The EWL is pleased to present the report, Migrant Women Victims of Male Violence in Spain; published by women’s rights organisation and members of the European Network of Migrant Women, AIETI and Red de Mujeres Latinoameticanas y del Caribe en España

A message from AIETI and Red de Mujeres Latinoameticanas y del Caribe en España:

Red de Mujeres Latinoameticanas y del Caribe en España visit EWL

Our comprehensive report analyses the impact of male violence against migrant women within the framework of Organic Law 1/2004 on comprehensive measures for protection against gender-based violence against women.

In a context where the xenophobic speeches of some politicians and mass media link the violence against women with migration, we believe necessary to deepen on the reality of male violence against women and girls, including migrant women, starting from official and statistical data. Migrant women face a series of personal, administrative, social and legal situations that increase the degree of vulnerability to male violence, in addition to having to face an institutional context that in a high percentage reproduces prejudices and racist attitudes and little empathy for their situation.

AIETI and the Network of Latin American and Caribbean Women in Spain are allied in their commitment to act and mobilize in favor of the right to a life free of violence and to make visible the situation of migrant women. We present to you the report "MIGRANT WOMEN VICTIMS OF MALE VIOLENCE IN SPAIN", a document that includes 35 proposals on the implementation of the State Agreement against gender-based violence against women and the Istanbul Convention.

You can now read the report in Spanish (with English translation on the way) and find out more about our members and their vital work here. and here.

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