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Citizens summit to be held in Brussels

(Brussels 06 June) The Civil Society Contact Group, of which the European Women’s Lobby is a member, will host a Citizens’ Summit taking place in Brussels, at BOZAR, on June 24 and 25, 2013.

Organised by a cross-sectoral coalition of NGO actors, the Summit aims to bring together for the first time professionals, practitioners and activists from across the different sectors – culture, development, education, environment, health, human rights, social affairs and women’s rights to discuss the future of Europe.

This is a unique opportunity to exchange views on what Europe means for its citizens, as well as how we can move towards a Europe that is delivering values, democracy and real progress for its populations.

European ‘Citizens’ Summit’

The Civil Society Contact Group is organizing a Citizens’ Summit to act a shadow discursive space to the European Summit in June 2013. The Citizens’ Summit will look at the direction of the European Union, its impact on people living within its borders as well as its impact on global developments and democracy. The Summit will bring together leading civil society thinkers from from across the EU, to exchange views on what Europe means for citizens and populations, as well as how we can move to a Europe that is delivering values and real progress for its
populations, democracy and its role in the world. The discussions will look at the growing inequalities, xenophobia, populism as well as the underlying drivers and hoped) for outcomes from the political developments in Europe.

The working method and participants to the Summit, ensuring gender parity and diversity, including in relation to age, will aim to break out of the
“Brussels bubble” in the discussions on the future of the EU, to foster a dialogue by citizens for citizens and to create a common sense of ownership
for the future. This will be the first of an annual Citizens’ Summit.

We’re very much looking forward to this event - and will be providing live updates via our twitter feed - if you’d like to follow the conversation, please do so via #ECS2013.

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