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Does Italy fear women’s financial power? EWL Coordination in Italy reacts to attempts to block legal quotas for women’s representation on company boards

[Rome, 18 February 2011] The Italian Coordination which represents twenty among the major national women’s
associations, networks and groups within the European Women’s Lobby in Brussels,
expresses its criticism about what is happening Italy in last days.

The very recent attempt by Confindustria (Entrapreneurs’ National Association), ABI
(National Banks’ Association) and ANIA (National Insurances’s Association) along
with 53 amendments, to the draft law in matters of quotas on the Boards of public
companies, presented to the Senate Finance Committee, mean :

  • a setback on the path towards the elimination of gender discrimination still very present in our country, as the official statistics
  • the infringements of the Articles contained in the Treaties, resolutions and Strategy for equality between women and men (2010-15) of the European
    Union in addition to diregarding the Beijing Platform of Action and Cedaw.

The Italian Coordination of the European Women’s Lobby expresses its solidarity and
support to Mrs Lella Golfo and Alessia Mosca who first signed the bill and calls for
awareness on the part of the Italian Senate in leading our country to European
standards in matters of gender equality.

Siusi Casacciao, President, on behalf of the Italian Coordination of the European Women’s Lobby

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