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EWL 10 Days of Action: Conclusions... but not the end of action!

[Brussels, 09 March 2012] The time has come to conclude the EWL 10 Days of Action for HER Future, which we launched last week to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2012. These days have been very busy for us, but also extremely rewarding. In particular, we have enjoyed seeing so many of you in our events and activities!

The EWL 10 Days of Action were launched on 29 February with a video greeting and EWL’s new facts and figures on women in the EU. On the same day, we launched our latest publication, ’Women on Boards in Europe: EWL report on progress, gaps and good practice’, and organised a panel debate which brought together stakeholders across the board and a large audience to discuss the topic.

Our 10 Days of Action concluded with the opening reception of the EWL’s photo exhibition ’My world: Vision of 21st century feminism.’ Those of you who live in Brussels will be able to visit the exhibition in the Hôtel communal of Etterbeek until 30 March!

In between, we celebrated the European Equal Pay Day, appeared on Belgian TV and in European and international media, cheered to the amazing performance of the Vagina Monologues in the European Parliament, demonstrated on the Bridge with the women activists in Brussels. And these are just a few of our activities!

In the past ten days, we have raised a variety of issues, including women on boards, parity in political decision-making, the need to close the gender pay gap and gender pension gap and the situation of older women, asking for funding for women’s rights and the fight against violence against women. We are happy to see that our message has been heard: the EWL has received a lot of attention in national, European and international media. You can find the EWL press coverage here.

We look forward to continue working together with you for HER future!

Best wishes
Cécile Gréboval
EWL Secretary General

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