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EWL French Coordination CLEF reacts to new pieces of legislation on violence against women in France

[CLEF, Paris, 30 August] The CLEF welcomes this important Act that completes the penal framework to fight against violence against women and that generally defines the concepts of slavery.

1. This law includes new penalties in accordance with the Istanbul Convection.

  • Forced marriages : the use of fraudulent tactics to mislead someone to get married abroad is an offense punishable by a penalty of three years of imprisonment.
  • forced abortion : the attempt of the offense is considered punishable
  • Inciting minors to sexual mutilation through the promise of presents or the use of any kind of pressures is punishable by a penalty of 5 years of imprisonment as so it is the attempt of the offense.

2. 2. Regarding trafficking in human beings, the law includes an extended and precise definition of it and of forced labour, domestic servitude and slavery.

Penalties of 20 years of imprisonment are fixed for the most severe cases.

The notion of exploitation is conceived as to make a victim be a disposition of a third party, to enable the commission of offenses against her, as pimping, assault or sexual abuse.

To find out more about this law, click here (French)

A governmental plan against trafficking has been announced for next autumn.

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