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EWL appears on two TV shows on prostitution, 29 February 2012

[Brussels, 29 February 2012] The Belgian TV channel RTBF - La Une dedicated the evening of 29 February to the issue of prostitution. The EWL and its campaign ’Together for a Europe Free from Prostitution’ had a visible role in two TV shows that raised the issue of the system of prostitution and helped to create debate in Belgium.

On n’est pas des pigeons: "For or against?"

In the show ’On n’est pas des pigeons’, the EWL got the opportunity to express its position, complemented by extracts from the film ’Not for sale’ and testimonies of survivors of prostitution. The opposite view was presented by a sexologist and a representative of a Belgian pro-prostitution NGO and a woman currently in prostitution.

In the debate between two animators, Michaël Miraglia strongly supported the abolitionist view and screened the EWL clip ’For a change of perspective’ to support his statement that men should reflect on the issue and take responsibility. Even the coordinator of the pro-prostitution Belgian NGO admitted that the ’choice’ made by women in prostitution is mainly linked to the current economic context and that a majority of them are not from the EU.

Questions à la une: Reportage on the clients of prostitution

The evening show ’Questions à la une’ was dedicated to the clients of prostitution. The reporter Christophe Reyners interviewed several men who ’buy sex’ to understand why they do so. The reportage shows that these men have diverse backgrounds (academics, IT employees in big companies, truck driver, etc.) and personal situations (many of them have a girlfriend or a wife), therefore breaking the stereotype of the isolated and marginalised men who need prostitution.

The journalist also met with women in prostitution, some supporting the EWL’s view that sex buyers should be accountable and criminalised. The reportage shows an extract of the EWL campaign clip ’For a change of perspective’ and gives the floor to the EWL partner organisation Mouvement du Nid, which supports and assists women in prostitution in France.

The EWL will get another opportunity to present its campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’ and the campaign clips in the TV show ’Quai des Belges’ which will be screened on 07 March on Arte Belgium, and on 09 March on RTBF - La Deux.

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