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EWL is a leader of the Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence

[Brussels, June 2020] The European Women’s Lobby is very happy and honoured to have been selected as one of the leaders of the Action Coalition on Gender-Based Violence, as part of the Generation Equality process. This is a powerful recognition of our collective work, and our long-standing engagement in advancing the human rights of women and girls in Europe. We are committed to achieving concrete actions towards the eradication of Violence Against Women and Girls, in line with EWL’s values and experiences through this international collaboration. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action has been a key part of our work for 25 years and we hope the Action Coalitions will be effective to accelerate progress towards achieving the still incomplete work at the European and international level.

As we represent the voices of more than 2000 women’s rights organisations in Europe and beyond, we need to highlight the impact of shrinking space for women’s organisations in Europe and globally which translates into very limited resources for action. We are calling on the Generation Equality leadership to make sure that women’s organisations are at the centre of this work and are properly resourced to ensure their participation in the work of the Action Coalitions is meaningful and impactful. We are also calling for transparency in all processes going forward, to ensure we and all the other members of the Action Coalitions can be held accountable for the important work to come. We also hope that EWL’s member organisations and their members will be able to get involved in the membership of the Action Coalitions, bringing the voices of women from all across Europe.

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