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EWL meets with the French Secretary of State for women’s rights

[Brussels, 27 February 2015] Sexual rights, violence, prostitution, women on boards, maternity leave…: many crucial issues were addressed during the meeting that took place on Thursday 26 February in EWL office. Ms Pascale Boistard, French Secretary of State for women’s rights, met with EWL President Viviane Teitelbaum, EWL Secretary General Joanna Maycock, and EWL Policy Officer Pierrette Pape.

Ms Boistard presented the priorities of the French government in terms of women’s rights: reduce the gender pay gap, combat stereotypes, fighting against the ’pink tax’ of industries on some products, strengthen the right to abortion, combating the system of prostitution, pushing for women on boards, protecting women victims of violence through services…

The EWL presented its work and its analysis of the context for women’s rights and gender equality in Europe, including the EU legislation being currently discussed by all member states such as the maternity leave directive or the anti-discrimination directive. We conveyed the concerns and demands of our French member organisation, la CLEF.

We also expressed our wish to see France lead the way in several areas for women’s rights, including during the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York in March, where Ms Boistard will address the international community.

A very fruitful meeting!

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