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EWL members in Turkey launch feminist publishing house

[Ankara, 23 February 2011] Ayizi Kitap Publishing House - the first feminist publishing house - was this week founded in Turkey by a number of influential feminists linked to the EWL. Ilknur Ustun - former country coordinator of the EWL in Turkey, Selma Acuner - former delegate to the EWL Administrative Board from Turkey - and Akus Bora - well-known feminist academic and activist - are the founders of the publishing house. In addition, Ms Hatice Simten Cosar, member of the EWL Board of Administration, sits on the Editorial Board of the Ayizi Kitap. Read more about their initiative below.

Ankara, Turkey

Ayizi Kitap is the first feminist publishing house established ever in Turkey by three feminist women who are inspired by their years of experience and devoted work in women’s movement and in the academia.

Their journey started with the dream of publishing books that would look into all aspects of life through a feminist perspective. They also comprised an advisory group with women who shared their dreams and who had vast experience and knowledge in the field. With this background, Ayizi Kitap, the first “feminist publishing house’ ever in Turkey was born in Ankara.

Ayizi Kitap publishes books on daily life, politics and theory all together, but distances itself from “high politics” and “intensive” theory. It aims to engage in publishing that is energetic, young, questioning, provoking and entertaining and plans to create a vibrant agenda on feminist literature.

Though feminist classics and theoretical books on feminism have been translated and published by several publishers in Turkey, this process has never been systematized. Ayizi Kitap, aims to fill in the blanks, in this respect responding to the gaps that needs to be addressed, such as the urgent need to support new and potential women writers and acting as a platform for the accumulation of literature in areas, which lack feminist knowledge and information.

Ayizi Kitap, taking into account the needs and demands of the women’s movement in Turkey, is preparing to publish academic research, fiction, and interviews by feminist writers, researchers and academicians.

Ayizi Kitap will also be a platform fo the translation of cutting-edge books that convey international perspectives and accordingly publish works from Turkey in different languages in order to provide a wider literature for the women’s movement reader. In this line, Reclaiming the F word- the New Feminist Movement, by Catherine Redfern & Kristin Aune (Zed Books) will be the first international book to be published in Turkish.

Contact details:
Ayizi Kitap Yayincilik
Tel: +90 312 4671618
Fax: +90 312 4671619
Mail: bilgi QL7 ayizi.com.tr
Bukres sokak, 17/3, Cankaya, Ankara, Turkey

Download the media release in Word format:

Ayizi Kitap Publishing House file
The text announcing the foundation of the Ayizi Kitap in word file form.

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