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Former EWL Staff member appointed Director of Amnesty International Germany

[Brussels, 19 January 2013] The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) is very pleased to announce that former Policy Officer and Project Coordinator, Selmin Çal??kan, has been appointed as the new Director of Amnesty International Germany.

As an organisation that champions the importance of female decision-makers in all areas of society, the EWL warmly welcomes the appointment of Selmin Çal??kan, (second from the left), as leader of one of the largest human right’s civil society organisations in the world.

Although women represent over half the population of the EU, they continue to be under represented at all levels of decision making. The EWL is working hard to change this, having successfully re-launched the 50/50 campaign coalition calling for equal representation within all EU institutions and the upcoming European Parliamentary elections. A modern and genuine democracy requires gender equality, and the equal representation of women and men in the making of decisions that affect their lives. You can find out more about the 50/50 coalition here.

The appointment of Selmin Çal??kan as Director to Amnesty International Germany, which has a record of appointing women to the highest position in the organisation, continues to set a fantastic example to other institutions, and signals that women’s rights and gender equality are human rights. Çal??kan played a vital role in laying the foundations of EWL’s work supporting minority and migrant womens’ representation and voice in the EU. Her new appointment follows a 20 year career promoting human rights, raising voices and highlighting the perspectives of the most vulnerable and marginalised in conflict zones.

The EWL wishes to congratulate Selmin on her new post, and knows that she will provide fantastic leadership and a feminist perspective to the vital and important work of Amnesty International Germany.

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