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Greece - EWL Coordination calls for urgent measures to support mothers

[Athens, 16 May 2011] On the occasion of Mother?s Day Celebrations (May 8), the head of the Greek Coordination for the EWL, Ms Ioannidou, was invited to speak by one of the biggest Greek Women NGOs working outside of Athens.

She stressed the need of urgent measures to be taken to support mothers, including the urgent revision of the EU maternity leave Directive increasing leave to 20 weeks, and the introduction of paternity leave of 2 weeks.

She also referred to the dramatic increase of unemployment among young women and especially mothers in Greece in the context of the economic crisis.

More than 100 participants including members of the local authorities, NGOs, politicians, activists and journalists were present.

On the occasion Ms Ioannidou drew attention also to the EWL activities on reconciliation of professional and personal life carried out at both the national and European level.

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