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International Women’s Day: EWL members’ video message to UN member states for the new post-2015 agenda

[Brussels, 8 March 2015] International Women’s Day 2015 is a key momentum to make a change for all women & girls! Watch EWL members ‪#‎Beijing20‬ VIDEO MESSAGE to all UN member states for the new post-2015 agenda!!!

Today, International Women’s Day is an instrumental date for women and girls, but also for the whole human community and our planet. This year, UN governments have several key dates to make a change for all of us, to end inequalities, combat climate change and tackle poverty. A new sustainable future for all of us will happen only if we have a vision of an international community sharing resources, leaving in peace, helping each other, protecting the planet and caring for the next generations. Women and girls are at the core of such transformation and their full human rights have to be realised if we really care for equality, global justice, peace and solidarity.

This year is also the commemoration of the 20 years of the Beijing Platform for Action. Watch below EWL video with EWL members delivering a clear and strong message to all UN member states. The EWL is also part of Action/2015, a global life-changing campaign mobilizing people and organisations from all over the planet demanding a future free from poverty, inequalities and dangerous climate change.

Read Action/2015 special newsletter for International Women’s Day.

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