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Irish billboards raise awareness about the young age of entry into prostitution

[Brussels, 22 August 2012] The campaign Turn Off the Red Light (TORL), which has by now 55 partners and represents over a million supporters in Ireland, has launched Billboards “Anna was 14” around Ireland, and an accompanying Twitter campaign which generated much public debate.

The campaigners chose to focus on the most difficult to accept fact about prostitution: this is the young age of entry into prostitution and the fact that children are being found in situation of prostitution every year. How many children do we need to rescue before we are outraged? This and other tough questions asked by the TORL campaigners lead the debate on prostitution in Ireland.

The EWL sends its support to this action of TORL and hopes that it will play a key role in raising awareness on the reality of prostitution in Ireland, and foster Irish policies to abolish the system of prostitution and guarantee equality between women and men.

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