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"Let’s Talk about Sex!"

[Brussels 15 February 2018] "Let’s Talk about Sex!" Watch this documentary on ARTE on teenage mothers in Romania, also available in French and German, and see our members in activist action!

Find the link in to the documentary in English here.

Fighting ignorance about sexuality and informing about its consequences is the goal of Daniela Draghici, Advisory Board member of the Society for Education in Contraception and Sexuality SECS and Alexandra Miroslav, Volunteer coordinator, Tineri pentru Tineri Youth for Youth Foundation. The two advocates and their allies from other SRHR-related NGOs aspire not only to make this subject accessible and integrated in the school curriculum, but also to educate their fellow citizens about sex.

However, the two activists and their allies have powerful opponents. In Romania, schools are not providing sexuality education classes, but only a handful of trained NGO volunteers do and only upon school management decision.

In France as in Germany, sex education has long been a part of the school curriculum. This is not the case in Romania, where many schools ignore this absolutely necessary subject. The consequences are hardly surprising: along with Bulgaria, Romania has the highest rate of teenage mothers in the EU. In 2015, 18,000 Romanian girls under the age of 20 completed a pregnancy.
#Bulgaria also has the highest percentage of teenage mothers in the European Union. Nearly one in ten births in both countries was registered in a teenager in 2015. That is more than three times the EU average. The repressive sexist culture and lack of respect for women in Romania is fueling the problem.

The documentary was directed by Robert Jahn and shot by Sorin Manu, it is also available in German & French and will be accessible online until March 14, 2018.

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