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Prostitution and trafficking in women: what has Poland got to do with it?, 25 June 2013, Warsaw

[Warsaw, 6 June 2013] The Polish Women’s Lobby is organising a European conference aiming at raising awareness and discussing the issue of trafficking in women and prostitution. The goal of the event is to bring the issues on the political agenda of Poland, and involve decision-makers in reflecting on possible ways forward to address the growing sex industry and exploitation of women and girls in Poland.

The conference will be organised around two panels. Academics and activists will first present the situation in Poland with regards trafficking and prostitution, and present different ways to analyse and address the issue, from a gender/inequality/social perspective.

The second panel will open a political debate between decision-makers from different levels. Minister and Government Plenipotentiary Agnieszka Koz?owska-Rajewicz will present the work of the Polish government, while Zoi Sakelliadou, from the office of the EU Anti-Trafficking Coordinator, will present the work being done at EU level on trafficking in women and girls. A dynamic roundtable will follow, with Member of the European Parliament Joanna Senyszyn and parliamentarian Ryszard Kalisz, in order to debate possible ways forward both at Polish and EU level.

The conference will take place at the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation (P?atnicza street 55) in Warsaw, on Tuesday 25 June, from 12.00 to 16.00. Please register at neww@neww.org.pl. It is part of the campaign of the European Women’s Lobby ‘Together for a Europe free from prostitution’.

To download the poster in Polish, click here.

poster en warsaw

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