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Social Platform calls upon the European Council to support a cohesive and social Europe

[Brussels, 08 December] In view of the European Council meeting of 09 December, the Social Platform - of which the EWL is a member - wrote a letter to the European Heads of State and Government, calling on them to ensure the cohesiveness of a sustainable European society in the European Economic Governance.

During this meeting, the Heads of State and Government will review the overall economic situation in Europe. Furthermore, they will address the strengthening of economic convergence within the euro area, on improving fiscal discipline and deepening economic union, including exploring the possibility of limited Treaty changes.

Each day now, the economic governance of the European Union – in trying to respond to the pressure of financial markets – develops in a way that forces member states more and more to implement austerity policies. This is happening without taking into account the detrimental effect these policies have on the social cohesion of society and on the lives of women and men in Europe today.

Putting forward Treaty changes and other economic governance initiatives at such a rapid speed and without ensuring democratic legitimacy, brings with it the dangers of restricting balanced growth, weakening the cohesiveness of a sustainable European society and eroding democracy. The pursuit of “growth driven” fiscal consolidation and greater budgetary surveillance of the Eurozone without a proper study of the social impact of such actions, will only lead to the weakening of the Europe 2020 Strategy and its commitment to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

Therefore, the Social Platform opposes any further actions that will result in greater social exclusion in Europe.

For more information, visit the Social Platform’s website.

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