One Billion Rising across Europe

Svegliati, Balla, Partecipa! Rome rises up!

[Brussels, 08 February 2013] “Svegliati, Balla, Partecipa!” is the Italian slogan for One Billion Rising. EWL Italian Coordination is taking part to the worldwide initiative together with other associations, namely Laboratorio Donnae and the Spazio Culturale Libreria Liberi Di.

A “Girotondo” (a very popular Italian word for “human circle”) is being organised in the very centre of Rome (Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice) at 11:30, to cast light on violence against women in Italy and in the whole world. “Dancing and rising together, in the same moment, in the whole world, assumes the function of a collective regenerating ritual. Dancing and rising together becomes a creative and vital act, it promotes new networks to counteract the devastation and destruction that violence against women produces” say the campaigners.

Other associations and groups are joining and preparing themselves to be an active part in the roman demonstration. The campaign is open to everybody, women and men, as long as they show their support free from political symbols and out of electoral logics (Italy is undergoing its national political campaign).

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In preparation for the big event, an information day is scheduled on 09 February from 15 o’clock in Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice 46, Rome, with performances by actors, musicians, readings and videos on the topic of gender-based violence.

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“Our wish is that on 14 February 2013 an energy wave can caress the wounds of our suffering sisters and heal them symbolically, making us feel that together we can make it, together we have enough strength to face difficulties and together we can all have our place in the world” affirm the organizers.

More info on One Billion Rising in Rome can be found on Facebook and the blog of the EWL Italian Coordination. Stay tuned!

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