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The Women’s Refugee Commission released her review "Unpacking Gender - The Humanitarian Response to the Syria Refugee Crisis in Jordan"

[New York, March 2014] With no political solution on the horizon to end the war in Syria, it is clear that humanitarian agencies must continue to prepare for a protracted conflict.

In late 2013, the Women’s Refugee Commission undertook an extensive literature review and a month-long field assessment in Jordan. The goal of the project was to identify how the humanitarian community was integrating existing gender guidance across all sectors and whether gender was being dealt with centrally as an institutionalized way of working rather than peripherally. It looked at the ways in which humanitarian agencies, including UN agencies and international and local organizations, assessed these needs and planned their programs. It also asked questions about the opportunities and good practices and models for promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Our study found that while agencies are starting to take serious steps to ensure gendered needs are being addressed in their programs, there continue to be challenges and gaps in services and resources. The report outlines the context by sector, highlighting ongoing challenges and current practices in distribution of resources, access to services and ensuring protection and reduced risk for sexual and gender-based violence. The research found that certain populations receive less attention and less access to programs, including the elderly, women and girls living outside the camps, people with disabilities and sexual minorities. Additionally, gender impacts the ability to access information and thus access services. Finally, accountability and follow-up in referral pathways continue to be major challenges that impact specifically women, girls and boys.

Direct Link to Full 42-Page 2014 Report and the Executive Summary.

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