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What does prostitution feel like?

Posted by Tom Megginson

Seeking to deglamourize sex with prostitutes among European men, this PSA from the European Women’s Lobby tries to make them understand what it feels like to be a female prostitute. Interestingly, rather than having the man have intercourse with the diverse (and sometimes aged) female clients, the ad shows the man “servicing” them all orally. Perhaps it’s a commentary on the nature of sexuality for men that this seems more humiliating than if he detachedly used his penis to get the women off.

Graphic, disturbing, and savagely un-sexy, this ad may not be something you wish to view at work. You could also accuse it of promoting ageism. But it is powerful.

See it after the break.

Campaign against the prostitution english version from Black Moon prod on Vimeo.

The ad is available in several European languages.

  • Advertiser:
    European Women’s Lobby
  • Agency:
    Black Moon Productions
  • Additional credits:
    Directed by Patric Jean and Frédérique Pollet Rouyer
  • Fist Movement (Facebook)

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