Why be a partner of EWL campaign?

Many organisations share EWL values and principles and work at their level (international, European or national) towards a world free from prostitution. EWL campaign aims at creating a broad network of abolitionist NGOs in order to give more visibility to the issue of prostitution, raise awareness amongst the general audience and bring back the issue on the political agenda to reach political and social change.

If you are an organisation sharing abolitionist principles, and you want to join your efforts with ours, don’t hesitate and join EWL campaign!

To be a partner of EWL campaign, organisations have to share EWL abolitionist values and principles and engage into a partnership relationship. Such partnership include giving visibility to our respective work and activities on each other website; on EWL website, the sections ’News’ and ’Join a member’s or partner’s campaign’ are the best ways to inform about your activities and on-going actions. It also includes sharing information and material; on EWL website, the section ’Resources’ comprises many types of resources (publications, video clips, educational material, etc.). It finally includes potential common action, either with the EWL directly, or with other EWL member organisations and partners. Joining EWL’s campaign is a good way to liaise with organizations working at the same level as you, and for the EWL it’s a great opportunity to extend the network of allies and strengthen the advocacy and awareness raising work.

Please contact for any complementary information.

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