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Women’s Coalition – Turkey: WE ARE HERE!

[Message from our members, EWL national coordination in Turkey] The situation in Turkey is getting worse. Recently 11 MP’s/leaders of the Kurdish Party (HDP) were arrested, the Democratic Party of the Peoples (HDP) announced the suspension of parliamentary activities on behalf of their party. The state of emergency continues and every day there is another statutory decree which bypasses the constitution. The societal polarisation is huge.

The Women’s Coalition in Turkey (an independent women’s platform which is very closely linked to the EWL Coordination for Turkey), recently made this statement and calls for solidarity for all the women in Turkey.

"Women’s Coalition – Turkey: WE ARE HERE! It is high time for Coalition. All and every single one of us are under attack. There is an attempt to convert us into a huge colourless and shapeless crowd. They will not succeed! We are here with all the hope and conviction we have. We stand up for each other. We stand up for our future, for hope, for equality and for democracy."



Twitter: @KadinKoalisyonu

EWL strongly supports the Women’s Coalition and calls on all its members and friends to do so. We will follow up the situation closely.

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