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  • European Parliament proposes 20-week maternity leave

    Members of the European Parliament today ruled in favour of extending minimum maternity leave in Europe from 14 to 20 weeks, a proposal which they must now try to sell to individual governments, who will be reluctant introduce the change.
    In the end, MEPs decided to go beyond the initial proposal of the European Commission, which called for 18 weeks, but to come in lower than the 24-week period recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).
    Considerable opposition is expected to the (...) Read more

  • Maternity Leave

  • We need a national parental leave policy that is solely provided by the Government

    Put parents to work both in and out of the office
    by Carol Hunt
    ’A daughter fair," enthused Milton, "so buxom, blithe and debonair." Little did he think that the adjective "buxom" would become a condescending term of abuse: an insult so demeaning that the use of it required an immediate and humiliating retraction from a grovelling Mark Fielding of the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (Isme) last Wednesday.
    So, what did the man say? Well, initially, to the Irish Times, on the (...) Read more

  • Parliament backs 20-week maternity leave

    Members of the European Parliament have taken a strong stand in favour of giving women workers the right to take 20 weeks of maternity leave on full pay. The European Commission now has to find a compromise that will also be acceptable to the member states.
    Efforts to agree on minimum rules for paid maternity leave have triggered heated and divisive debates among EU member states.
    On 3 October 2008, the European Commission proposed increasing compulsory maternity leave to 18 (...) Read more

  • European Parliament Votes to Extend Maternal Rights

    European Parliament Votes to Extend Maternal Rights

    The European NGOs for SRHR, Population and Development
    On 20th October, the European Parliament passed a resolution in favour of increasing European minimum standards for maternity and paternity leave provisions. A large majority of MEPs approved increasing maternal leave from 14 weeks to 20 weeks and the introduction of two weeks leave for new fathers, both fully paid.
    ‘This is an incredibly important victory for parents, both mothers and fathers, as it will for the first time shift the (...) Read more

  • European Parliament votes for 20-week maternity leave

    by Cristina Barbetta - published on 21 Ottobre 2010 at 16:54
    The European Parliament gathered in Strasbourg passed yesterday a resolution in favour of extending the minimum maternity leave across the EU from 14 weeks to 20 weeks fully paid.
    An entitlement to paid paternity leave of at least two weeks was also approved by a majority of Members.
    MEP, gathered in Strasbourg in plenary session, have voted on a proposal made by the European Commission in 2008 to revise the 1992 Maternity (...) Read more

  • MEPs urged to reject new EU-wide maternity laws

    Investing in mothers and children costs far less - Myria Vassiliadou, of the European Women’s Lobby
    By Martin Banks - 18th October 2010
    MEPs have been warned that new maternity rights for women due to be voted upon by parliament will "turn the clock back to the 1920s for female employment".
    There are fears that raising the amount of full paid maternity leave from 14 to 20 weeks will drive private business away from employing young women.
    British MEPs are incensed that parliament will (...) Read more

  • Britain attempts to block Europe’s maternity rights plans

    Britain is attempting to block controversial new European laws giving women greater maternity rights which it is feared could "turn the clock back" on female employment.
    By Martin Banks, in Brussels Published: 11:35PM BST 17 Oct 2010
    The move by the European Parliament could cost British businesses and the Government more than £2.5 billion a year Photo: AP The European Parliament will this week vote on plans to increase fully-paid maternity leave from 14 to 20 weeks.
    The move could cost (...) Read more

  • MEPs split along national lines over maternity leave

    Parliament’s groups divided as MEPs take positions depending on the maternity leave provisions in their home countries.
    By Jennifer Rankin 14.10.2010 / 05:20 CET
    Members of the European Parliament are sharply divided over proposals to extend women’s basic entitlement to maternity leave from 14 to 20 weeks across the EU.
    Ahead of a vote next week, the three largest political groups in the Parliament are split, as MEPs are taking their positions along national lines, depending on the (...) Read more

  • EU’s new gender equality plan gets mixed response

    The European Commission’s new five-year strategy for gender equality in the EU – which keeps company board quotas on the agenda – has been widely welcomed, but some have criticised it for a lack of concrete measures.
    Gender equality is a key political objective for the EU and a central facet of the non-discrimination strategy. It is also considered important for the EU’s economic and social goals as part of the EU’s 2020 blueprint for sustainable economic growth.
    The Roadmap for (...) Read more


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