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EWL on International Women’s Day 2019

[Brussels, 8 March 2019]
It is March 8 and today is International Women’s Day! #IWD2019
Across Europe, our members are participating in varieties of exciting activities, and in Brussels, we are speaking, marching and striking to get more women in the European Parliament, abolish the sexual exploitation of women, making the digital, social and physical sphere safe for women and girls, end objectification and realise equality and lots more.
However, for us at the European Women’s Lobby every day is International Women’s Day.
We believe, as a society, every day we have the power to make change happen! Every day we have to shift the power dynamics that cause conflict, exploitation and structural violence against women and girls. Every day we want those with political, institutional, and economic power to lift the voices of those marginalised to create a better world for all women and girls.
Everyday women across Europe take it to the street to reclaim their power and agency. This has led to concrete changes: This week we are hosting a very important conversation on the harmful practice of pornography and the hyper sexualisation of women’s bodies.
Sexist attitudes are strengthened and normalised by the prevalence, and easy access to, online hard-core mainstream porn. Over forty years of research tells us that porn has a negative impact on the emotional, sexual and cognitive functioning of boys and men, and leads to sexual callousness, violence, lack of empathy towards women, and men’s decreased capacity for intimate and close relationships.
This event will explore these topics, offer multiple solutions, and create a space for activist feminist discussion towards an equal, empowered Brussels.
We are half the population; we are the future, every day.
Ps: Find details on ideas for striking below:

Smash the patriarchy! Let’s act together for a gender equal European Parliament.
Read more on our event: Here
Also link to the 8 March ideas for striking here: https://8maars.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/a4-rev_grecc80v-en-1.pdf

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