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Media Advisory: 4 December, 13h45, European Parliament: 200 signatory organisations launch Brussels Call for a Europe free from prostitution

Tuesday 04 December 2012, European Parliament, Brussels

Press conference at 13h45 in room 7F266, office of MEP Mr Gustafsson

Conference from 14h30 to 18h30 in room P4B001

Media and photo opportunity with ministers and MEPs from 16h to 16h30, during the conference

On 04 December 2012, around 200 women’s rights NGOs, coming from 25 Member States and four other countries, will hold a conference in the European Parliament aiming to assess 10 years of policies on prostitution in Sweden and the Netherlands. On this occasion, the NGOs will unveil their Brussels’ Call “Together for a Europe free from prostitution”.

Together with a dozen MEPs representing all political groups in the European parliament and several Ministers, the NGOs will explain why prostitution is: a form of violence; an obstacle to equality; a violation of human dignity; a violation of human rights.

They will also present 6 key recommendations they address to EU Member States: the suppression of repressive measures against prostituted persons; the criminalisation of all forms of procuring; the development of real alternatives and exit programmes for those in prostitution; the prohibition of the purchase of a sexual act; the implementation of policies of prevention, education, to promote equality and positive sexuality; the development of prevention policies in the countries of origin of prostituted persons.

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For more information, contact:

European Women’s Lobby: Leanda Barrington-Leach, Communications and Media Officer, European Women’s Lobby; Tel: +32 2210 04 27; Mob: +32 4 88 41 94 21;

On the spot on 04 December:

European Women’s Lobby: Pierrette Pape, Coordinator of EWL campaign ‘Together for a Europe free from prostitution’ – Mob: +32 486 39 17 17

Mouvement du Nid - France : Grégoire Théry – Mob: +32 496 21 64 66

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