The National Women’s Council of Ireland - NWCI

The National Women’s Council of Ireland (NWCI) is the leading national women’s membership organisation in Ireland seeking equality between women and men, founded in 1973. They represent their membership which includes 170 member groups as well as a wide range of individual members from a diversity of backgrounds, sectors and locations.

NCWI’s mission is to lead and to be a catalyst for change in the achievement of equality between women and men in Ireland. They articulate the views and experiences of their members and make sure their voices are heard wherever decisions are made which affect the lives of women.

The Central purpose of the National Women’s Council of Ireland is to promote women’s rights and women’s equality.

Equality for women is needed because:

  • Men dominate all our public institutions, our cultural, social, economic and legal infrastructures
  • Gender is a basic structuring principal of the labour market, placing women in a disadvantaged economic position
  • Women are relatively absent from formal politics and local government decision-making structures, marginalising the concerns and interests of women as citizens
  • Unequal power relations across the spectrum from the public domain to the privacy of the home, place women in a subordinate position to men.

The work of the NWCI falls under the following areas;

  • Economic Equality
  • Care
  • Political Equality and Decision Making
  • Violence Against Women and Children
  • Integration and Anti-racism
  • Equality in Public services
  • Building Solidarity

Their vision is of an Ireland, and of a world, where there is full equality between women and men.

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National Women’s Council of Ireland
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