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  • Behind closed doors: secret deals in the Council of the EU

    Behind closed doors: secret deals in the Council of the EU

    Juliet Ferguson, 7 December 2020 This article was originally published on opendemocracy.org.
    “Blame Brussels.” This familiar response from politicians can be heard all over Europe, with policy-makers from Sweden to Poland, from Germany to Greece, shifting responsibility for unpopular or controversial legislation to a faceless, decision-making body stifled by bureaucracy. The UK found so much to “Blame Brussels” for, that in 2016 the country made the decision to leave the EU altogether.
    When (...) Read more

  • Gender violence is also a political affair

    Gender violence is also a political affair

    From 25 November to 10 December, EuroMed Rights and its members will be marking the 16 days of activism against violence against women and girls by sharing stories and testimonies from feminist activists. Read Asha’s contribution to the "Speaking out against cyber violence" segment.
    The original version of this article was published on euromedrights.org
    EuroMed Rights: Could you tell us more about the #HerNetHerRights campaign?
    Asha Allen: The #HerNetHerRights Campaign began in 2017 as (...) Read more

  • 62 millones de europeas han sido víctimas de violencia machista en el último año

    This article was published on publico.es
    [25/11/2020] IRENE SÁNCHEZ ARTERO @isartero
    Un tercio de las mujeres en suelo europeo han sufrido violencia física o sexual, por el simple hecho de ser mujeres. O, lo que es lo mismo, 62 millones de personan han sido víctimas del terrorismo machista en el último año en Europa. Esta es una de las conclusiones a las que ha llegado la Comisión Europea en su informe, bajo el paraguas de la estrategia que lanzó en primavera para promover la igualdad de género. (...) Read more


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