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The Deutscher Frauenrat (National Council of German Women’s Organizations)

The Deutscher Frauenrat (National Council of German Women’s Organizations) is an umbrella organization of 60 nation-wide women’s associations and organizations. Its members are professional and religious associations, women’s groups from political parties, trade unions and the German Sports Federation, as well as non-partisan organisations with a diverse array of social and political objectives. It is the biggest Women’s Lobby in Germany. As a non-profit association, it operates primarily on public funding. It is recognised as a non-governmental organisation (NGO). The Deutscher Frauenrat has special advisor status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, and is a member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL).

Gender equality, i.e. equal opportunities and equal status for women and men in both jobs and the family, in politics, business and culture, is one of the main concerns of a democratic society. It is enshrined in Article 3 of the German Constitution. Beyond this, all measures must be committed to the principle of gender mainstreaming. That means that different living conditions for women and men as well as the respective consequences must be considered in stages of planning, implementation and evaluation. This is stated in the European Union’s Treaty of Amsterdam and in the new EU Draft Constitution. The Deutscher Frauenrat, Lobby der Frauen does everything in its power to translate formal rights and political statements of intent into social realities.

As a political lobby group, its activities are aimed chiefly at the German federal government and parliament. It presents its positions in letters and statements as well as at hearings. It is in touch with ministers and their staffs, and in frequent exchange with members of the federal parliament.

It publicizes its positions and work via the association magazine FrauenRat as well as other media. It organises and participates in campaigns, is represented in a number of commissions and civil society alliances, and communicates with many associations, networks and initiatives. Within the Council, it promotes communication and exchange among its member associations.



Der Deutsche Frauenrat, Dachverband von 60 bundesweit aktiven Frauenorganisationen, ist die größte frauen- und gleichstellungspolitische Interessenvertretung in Deutschland. Wir sind die Lobby der Frauen. Wir vertreten Frauen aus Berufs-, sozial-, gesellschafts- und frauenrechtspolitischen Verbänden, aus Parteien, Gewerkschaften, aus den Kirchen, aus Sport, Kultur, Medien und Wirtschaft. Wir engagieren uns für die Rechte von Frauen in Deutschland, in der Europäischen Union und in den Vereinten Nationen. Unser Ziel ist die rechtliche und faktische Gleichstellung von Frauen und Männern in allen Lebensbereichen. Wir setzen uns für einen geschlechterdemokratischen Wandel ein und für eine gerechtere und lebenswertere Welt für alle.

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