The National Women’s Council of Ireland - NWCI

The Central purpose of the National Women’s Council of Ireland is to promote women’s rights and women’s equality.

We need equality for women because:

  • Men dominate all our public institutions, our cultural, social, economic and legal infrastructures
  • Gender is a basic structuring principal of the labour market, placing women in a disadvantaged economic position
  • Women are relatively absent from formal politics and local government decision-making structures, marginalising the concerns and interests of women as citizens
  • Unequal power relations across the spectrum from the public domain to the privacy of the home, place women in a subordinate position to men.

The work of the NWCI falls under the following areas;

  • Economic Equality
  • Care
  • Political Equality and Decision Making
  • Violence Against Women and Children
  • Integration and Anti-racism
  • Equality in Public services
  • Building Solidarity

Contact details:

2-3 Parnell Square East
IRL - Dublin 1
Tel: +353 1 878 7248
Fax: +353 1 878 7301
Email: anneg(a)

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