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  • EWL campaign material ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’

    The European Women’s Lobby has been working on the issue of prostitution for years, and has therefore developed many tools to accompany its advocacy and awareness raising activities.
    You will find in this section the material that has been developed since 2006, including the unpublished campaign material which has been released at the occasion of the launch of EWL campaign ’Together for a Europe free from prostitution’. EWL campaign clip ’For a change of perspective’ (2011) EWL campaign clip (...) Read more

  • EWL campaign clip ‘For a change of perspective’ (2011)

    Watch the English version of the video clip here:
    About the clip
    The EWL Campaign clip is the centre-piece of the EWL public outreach activities in the framework of the campaign. The one-minute video is available in all EU languages, in original version or in English with sub-titles.
    A viral video, it is available on the EWL website, the websites of EWL member organisations, YouTube, vimeo and other social networking sites.
    In the clip, a steady stream of women visit a young male (...) Read more

  • EWL campaign clip ‘Not for sale’ (2006, EWL-CATW)

    This campaign clip is an introduction to the film ‘Not for sale’ produced in 2006 in the framework of partnership between the European Women’s Lobby and the Coalition against Trafficking in Women (CATW).
    This 23 minute film by Marie Vermeiren challenges the traditional views and myths about the sexual exploitation of women’s bodies. Women demand governmental action in order to fight all forms of violence against women, including trafficking and prostitution.
    Contact detroy@womenlobby.org to (...) Read more

  • EWL campaign postcard

    The video clip of the campaign ‘Together for a Europe free from prostitution’ is accompanied by a postcard widely distributed in public spaces across the EU. The postcard features the male prostitute kneeling before a woman on a bed. His expression is troubled. Designed to encourage questioning and reflection on something commonly accepted as an enduring feature of our societies, the text reads ‘Prostitution – It’s not what you might think’.
    The text is intended to question viewers about their (...) Read more

  • EWL campaign logo

    Click on the image to download the logo of the campaign.
    The logo is also available in French. Read more

  • EWL Campaign Clip ’For a Change of Perspective’ in Bulgarian

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    With subtitles: Read more

  • EWL Campaign Clip ’For a Change of Perspective’ in Croatian

    Kad bih deset puta dnevno morao seksom s nepoznatim osobama zara?ivati za život, nakon kojeg puta bi mi se smu?ilo?
    Sigurno ve? nakon prvog.
    Ipak, to je za prostituirane osobe stvarnost u kojoj žive svakoga dana.
    Prostitucija je oblik nasilja i potla?ivanja.
    Odbijam biti dijelom toga. A ti?
    In English with Croatian subtitles: Read more

  • EWL Campaign Clip ’For a Change of Perspective’ in Czech

    Pokud bych m?l styk s neznámými lidmi desetkrát denn?, abych se uživil, v kterou chvíli by se mi z toho ud?lalo špatn??
    Ur?it? hned na za?átku.
    P?itom osoby vykonávající prostituci tohle zažívají denn?.
    Prostituce je forma násilí.
    Odmítám se na tom podílet. A vy?
    With subtitles: Read more

  • EWL Campaign Clip ’For a Change of Perspective’ in Danish

    Hvis jeg skulle have sex med fremmede ti gange om dagen for at forsøge mig selv, efter hvor mange gange vil jeg så få det dårligt?
    Formentligt fra starten.
    Men dette er daglige vilkår for prostituerede.
    Prostitution er en form for vold og undertrykkelse.
    Jeg nægter at være part i det. Hvad med dig?
    With subtitles: Read more


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