Op-Eds and articles

Op- Eds and articles

EWL Statements and articles:

- 25 November 2023: EWL Statement: On International day for the elimination of violence against women, the EU is still divided over the crime of rape. Women’s organisations demand - Loud and United- that rape is made an offence under the new EU Directive.

- October 2023: EWL statement- EU divided: combating rape a priority for the Commission and the Parliament, but not the Council- As the Istanbul Convention comes into force in the EU, Germany and France use rape as a bargaining chip in the Council
- September 2023: EWL Priorities for the Trialogue Negotiations on the Directive
- July 2023: EWL calls for the swift adoption of a robust Directive that includes the criminalisation of rape
- July 2023: Monumental Week for women’s rights: The European Parliament adopts a strong proposal for a Directive on combating violence against women and domestic violence
- June 2023: Historic decision of the Council on the EU accession to the Istanbul Convention
- January 2023: EWL Statement -Time to Deliver Recognise rape as sexual exploitation at EU level - EWL call to Member States to end violence against women at EU level

EWL position papers

EWL position on the proposal of the European Commission (December 2023)
EWL position on the draft proposal of the European Parliament Rapporteurs (January 2023)

EWL and EWL members coverage:

EWL and EWL members coverage:

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