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About us

The Dutch Council of Women ‘Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad (NVR)’ is an umbrella organisation by and for women’s organisations which was founded in 1898. NVR has 46 member organisations and together they count over 1 million women. A wide variety of organisations belong to NVR: ranging from service-clubs and organisations based on professions, religious inspired organisations, female groups within political parties and traditional organisations to thematic organisations (e.g. on peace / sustainability). Purpose is to enhance the position of women in the Netherlands by amongst others lobbying (national, international and European) governmental organisations, informing and listening to members, and organising projects and events.

Nederlandse Vrouwenraad booth at Ninemonth Fair, February 2011, as part of project on work and equal division of childcare responsibilities between parents

Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad booth at Ninemonth Fair, February 2011, as part of project on work and equal division of childcare responsibilities between parents

European & international context

On European level NVR is member of the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) and the European Centre of the International Council of Women (ECICW). On international level NVR is a member of the International Council of Women (ICW). Furthermore, NVR has NGO-status to the Economic and Social Council of het United Nations (ECOSOC).

Like some other countries, the Netherlands have several women’s representatives. NVR selects women’s representatives and supports them while in position. Candidates can apply via open calls. After selection a candidate will be nominated by the relevant Ministry and become part of the governmental delegation. NVR wants a women’s representative to each UN-committee and to important World Summits. The Netherlands counts 2 regular women’s representatives: 1 to the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) and 1 to the General Assembly of the United Nations (AVVN). In December 2009 a women’s representative was part of the governmental delegation to the Climate Summit in Copenhagen.

EWL: National Coordination

The National Coordination of the EWL is kindly hosted in the offices of the Dutch Council of Women (NVR).

Examples of projects by NVR

international network jan 2011 for web

Meeting of Nederlandse Vrouwen Raad International Network, January 2011

NVR develops and implements projects and events on themes concerning women’s empowerment, sustainability (including water management), leadership, women’s rights and peace. Some examples:

  • Doorbreek Huiselijk Geweld - Praat erover’ (Domestic Violence): a project focussed on raising awareness regarding domestic violence in order to strengthen and empower women to fight against domestic violence.
  • ‘UN resolution 1325’: NVR worked closely together with a.o. European Peace building Liaison Office (EPLO) and other organisations specialised in peace keeping, and a joint position paper was drafted. This paper addresses all matters arising from the NVR project ‘VCA 1325 (women create alternatives for violence)’. Although over the last 10 years much has improved, there still exists a huge gap between policy and practice.
  • ‘Samen Uit Samen Thuis’ (equal share of work and care) : the purpose of this project is to encourage participation of women on the labour market and active citizenship by encouraging women to discuss with their spouses how to arrange the domestic duties once they have kids.
  • ‘Uw talent gaat niet met pensioen’. A project on planning an active life after retirement in order to fully apply women’s talents. In cooperation with national senior citizens organisation ANBO.
  • Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) 2010: During the CSW-briefing at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NVR’s paper ’Women: Agents of Change’ was presented to the leader of the governmental delegation to the CSW, Beijing +15. The paper in English can be downloaded from the website, section csw.
  • Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) 18: sustainability is an important issue to NVR. Therefor NVR selects and coaches a Women’s representative on sustainability to represent the Dutch women at CSD. She attended the CSD 2010 in New York regarding the ’review-session’ of the CSD cycle on sustainable consumption & production, mining, transport, chemicals and waste. The womens’representative CSD Wanda Cornelissen is as such member of the Dutch governmental delegation.
  • Conference ‘Sprinkhanenstamppot met jus’: NVR organised in cooperation with the Ministries of Agriculture (LNV) and Planning (VROM) a conference on sustainable food. What will the world population eat in 2050?
  • Water zoekt Vrouwen (Water seeks Women): project to encourage participation of women as leaders regarding the important issue of water management. In the Netherlands so far only few women are active with the boards of water management institutions. The project which was launched running up to the elections of water boards, encourages women running for these boards. Results 2010: more women have been elected into the boards of Water Councils; - Female candidates received effective support for their campaigns; - the campaign raised interest among women of political parties to ran for these positions, 1 was elected as head of a water board. 2 were elected as members of Water Boards; - many women were trained in qualities for board member ships; - the 26 water boards finally paid attention to the possibility of women as member of their boards.

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