Coordination of Greek Women’s NGOs for the EWL

?stablished in 1990 the Greek Coordination is one of the first national coordinations joined the EWL the same year. Our Coordination represents more than 50 Greek Women Organizations (NGOs) with long history in the women’s movement. Some of them have more than a century of active presence not only in Greece but at the European and International level also.

There is no exclusion of any Greek Women Organization having the same concerns to the EWL as they are described in EWL statutes, including the priorities and the decisions taken in the EWL Board and the General Assembly.

The effects of the present economic and social crisis on women, unemployment of women, the elimination of violence against women, as well as the violation of human rights especially in minorities, migrants, women with disabilities suffering multiple discrimination is our first concern.

The Greek Coordination is functioning independently and with transparency so the decisions taken are reflecting in a balanced way the most important women’s interests.

In our monthly meetings we are deciding democratically, usually unanimously. Of course there are subjects we are discussing a lot and consultation is the most important and usual way of deciding or achieving our common goals.

The long history of the Greek Coordination proves that acting independently and with solidarity we women can have progress although there are so many to do in the future, especially under the present situation.

We (NGOs) have no right to disappoint the millions of women we are representing at the National, European and International level.

Contact details:

Ms Efthymia Ioannidou
Panepistimiou 56 str.
GR - 106 73 Athens
Tel: +30 210 3628574 / 3614833
Fax: +30 210 3643696
Email: ioanidou.e.g(a)

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