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Party of the European Left - Act now for her future, commit to gender equality?

In the framework of our 50/50 Campaign, No modern European Democracy without Gender Equality, the manifestos of the main European parties are assessed, in order to find out which commit themselves to gender equality and women’s rights. We particularly looked at their accordance with the demands of our manifesto for the coming European Parliament and for the European Union in general.

The programme of the European Left is centred on the idea of a social, ecological, solidarity-based Europe with rights for everyone. The programme looks at gender inequalities in different fields (employment, health, migration and multiple discrimination) and underlines the party’s goal of fundamental rights for all European, women and men. The programme also contains one section completely dedicated to women’s rights. In addition to the demands of the EWL manifesto, the European Left wishes furthermore to tackle the equal share of care responsibilities with the means of a European directive, to fight against the commercialisation of the female body, to challenge stereotypes and male norms in education and culture and to include women’s organisations, not only in the work of the European institutions, but also in peace negotiations, with e.g. The World Peace Council.

The EWL welcomes that the European Left mainstreamed gender into their manifesto. The EWL approves the manifesto of the European Left in terms of gender equality and women’s rights, but is still waiting for their top candidate to endorse the EWL manifesto.

It is furthermore important that the party supports this concept of gender mainstreaming and its implementation throughout the work of the European Parliament, to introduce a gender-sensitive budget in the EU and its Member States, as well as to guarantee funding programmes for women’s rights and gender equality.

As the European Left wishes to abolish all forms of violence against women, we would like to ask the party to support our calls for the EU Year to End violence against women 2016 and for the establishment of an EP intergroup on sexual violence. In order to better protect girls and women in Europe, it is furthermore essential to measure existing EU policies and legislation on gender equality, as well as to advocate for the improvement of anti-discrimination policies to all fields of EU competence and to adopt efficient binding legislation on parity.

How does the European Left Party’s manifesto compare to the EWL’s demands?

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