Europe 2020 post 2014?

EWL contribution

“The EWL regrets that a gender equality dimension was omitted from the onset of the Europe 2020 Strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in 2010, despite the fact that many studies were produced at the time showing women’s contribution to the economy for sustainable and inclusive growth. The EWL’s contribution to the future of the EU2020 Strategy in 2009, also stressed the urgency of a strong gender equality framework to steer the EU in the next ten years, particularly in the context of the crisis which was unfolding at that time.”

We did not only look back on lesson learned but we also look forward, seeking a strategy that is inclusive and truly promotes women’s rights and gender equality.

“The EWL firmly believes that the Mid-Term Review provides an opportunity to take stock of the past and to put in place the conditions for a new paradigm for the remainder of the EU2020 Strategy and beyond in which equality between women and men is the corner stone.“

Please see the contribution bellow.

EWL mid-term review contribution

EWL mid-term review contribution - questioner

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