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Engender is a membership organisation working on an anti-sexist agenda in Scotland and Europe to increase women’s power and influence and make visible the impact of sexism on women, men and society.

Engender seeks to improve women’s lives by:

  • Tackling inequality and gender issues wherever they arise
  • Making Government aware of what women need and want
  • Pressing for equal representation of women at all levels of Government and public life
  • Training and supporting women within their communities to influence decision makers
  • Providing networking in Scotland and internationally

How we do it…
Making sure people know about women’s inequality through collecting and publicising information.
Training organisations on gender equality issues.

Training local women to make a difference on issues that affect them.
Working together with other organisations to tackle to issues of women’s poverty, equal representation, and violence against women.

Contact details
1a Haddington Place
UK- Edinburgh EH7 4AE
Tel: +44 131 558 9596
Email: info(at)

National Alliance of Women’s Organisations - NAWO

The National Alliance of Women’s Organisations (NAWO, founded 1989) is an umbrella organisation for over 100 organisations and individuals based in England. All members are concerned to ensure women gain access to their human rights, and to make equality between women and men a reality. Its diverse membership includes: single issue to specialist organisations, faith groups, health centres, arts-based organisations and others offering services and campaigning across a range of women’s concerns.

Aims and Objectives
NAWO works in partnership with other women’s organisations:
To ensure that women’s voices are heard and attended to nationally, in Europe and internationally
To ensure that gender is mainstreamed throughout all government policies and in their implementation

Cornerstones of NAWO’s work:
The Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). For more information, please click here.
The Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA). For more information, please click here.

NAWO Commitments:
The implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action (BPFA)
The improvement of government provision for women
The assessment of all policies and their impact on women and men

Contact details
Suite 405, Davina House
137-149 Goswell Road
UK - EC1V 7ET London
Tel/Fax: +44 20 7490 4100
Email: admin(at)

Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform - NIWEP

  • Provides women in Northern Ireland with a platform to make their voices heard on domestic, European and international social, economic, cultural and political affairs
  • Enables women to understand United Nations, European and domestic legislation, conventions and policies that focus or impact on women and to use them to advocate for equality
  • Consults with women in preparing recommendations for discussion with government and institutions at domestic, European and international level
  • Represents Northern Ireland women at European and international levels
  • Jointly represents the UK on the European Women’s Lobby with partners in England, Scotland and Wales, and works with sister organisations in Ireland and across Europe
  • Secures opportunities for women’s organisations to attend European and international events through its EWL and UN membership

Contact details
58 Howard Street(office 2-3), 4th floor
UK - Belfast BT1 6PJ
Tel: +44 28 9050 0880
Email: niwep(at)

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