Czech Republic

Czech Women’s Lobby

Czech Women’s Lobby is a network of 22 non-profit organizations promoting women’s rights
in the Czech Republic.

Czech Women’s Lobby declares its support to feminist belief that women have right to political, social and economic equality with men. Czech Women’s Lobby lobs and asserts the interests of all women regardless of their race, ethnic origin, health condition, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief. At the same time, CWL promotes diversity and acknowledges and asserts diverse values and needs of women with regard to the above mentioned characteristics. Czech Women’s Lobby accepts variety of its organizations as well as variety of feminist trends professed by individual organizations.

Contact details:

Plze?ská 846/66
150 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic
Tel: 420 777 222 826
Email: info[at]

Head: Jana Smiggels Kavková, kavkova[at]
Alternate: Zora Javorská, zora[at]

Members of Czech Women´s Lobby

  • APERIO - Healthy Parenting Association whose mission is to improve a situation of families in the society
  • The Business and Professional Women´s Association of the Czech Republic - a non profit, non-governmental and voluntary organization of women aiming to support development of small and medium women businesses and the development of professional women as managers in the Czech Republic
  • Business and Professional Women CR Prague 2
  • Czech Doula Association - brings together women who provide emotional and physical support and information to women and families during pregnancy, childbirth and after delivery.
  • Czech Helsinki Committee - a non-government non-profit organization for human rights, has operated in Czechoslovakia since 1988 and in the Czech Republic since 1993
  • Czech Women’s Union - a women’s non-governmental, non-profit association with large membership covering the whole of the Czech Republic, CWU associates women from all walks of life, regardless of their nationality, age, beliefs, political views, social standing, profession or interests. CWU members work on a voluntary basis.
  • European Contact Group - a non-profit organization that promotes equal opportunities for men and women, fights against racism and discrimination of foreigners and changes ingrained stereotypes and prejudices in the Czech Republic and in Europe.
  • Forum 50 % - a non-profit, non -governmental organisation striving for equality of women nad men in decision making. The main principle is the non-partisan approach. The NGO cooperates with academic sector, media, civil society.
  • Gender Studies - a non-governmental non-profit organisation that has performed the function of an information, consultation and education centre in the area of relations between women and men and their position in society. The goal of the organisation is to gather, analyze, work with and disseminate further information related to gender-relevant issues.
  • Movement for Active Motherhood - an association open to anyone concerned with improving the Czech Republic’s maternity-care system – not only to mothers, but also to fathers, midwives and nurses, doctors, psychologists and to general public as well. HAM’s immediate goal is to change Czech maternity hospitals into supportive and friendly places that would meet the parents’ needs.
  • K2 Club – strives fo the improvement of the position of women with small children in private and public life. Its mission is to provide support and services to parents of small children and to raise awareness about equal opportunities of women and men.
  • Manushe – Roma women´s group, part of NGO Slovo 21 - Leading goals are to combat racism and xenophobia, to help to protect and respect human rights, to teach tolerance towards ethnic minorities, in particular the Roma minority, to support integration of foreign nationals living in the Czech Republic, to provide media support to minorities in the Czech Republic.
  • Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers – supports communication and exchange of experience between women entrepreneurs and managers, it supports personal growth and empowerment of its members in their professional career
  • National Contact Centre - Women and Science (Institute of Sociology) - The Centre aims to contribute to shaping gender discourse in R&D, to shaping science policy and human resource policy in the Czech Republic, especially with respect to the position of women in science. It also functions as a place for various opinions and concepts to meet at the crossroad of scientific research and gender, and as a place where Czech female researchers can meet and exchange experiences.
  • NESEHNUTÍ Brno – social-ecological NGO, its main attitude is that ecological and social problems have common causes and consequences. Main aim of its activities is to show that change of the society based on respect towards people, animals and nature is possible and it has to come from bottom up
  • Department of Gender & Sociology (Institute of Sociology) – The department theoretically and empirically advances a concept of gender-oriented sociology extending to feminist sociology. The department combines the results of its own quantitative and qualitative research studies with theoretical research on particular issues and thus contributes to furthering the analysis of various specific gender issues.
  • Open Society - a non-profit organization supporting the consolidation of civil society in the Czech Republic by pursuing principles and promoting policies based on the culture of law and legal state, on a democratic form of administration as well as on human rights principles.
  • Birth Centre “U ?ápa”- non-governmental, non-profit organisation that runs the first birth centre in the Czech republic and strives for the return of normal births to the Czech hospitals
  • proFem - a non-governmental organization, that focuses on social areas where women’s rights are violated, particularly on domestic violence against women. Other areas of focus are also inequality and discrimination of women in economics and other branches.
  • Pexeso Family Centre – civic association supporting community life in the municipality of Zbraslav. In its activities it focuses mainly on families.
  • ROSA - Centre for Abused and Lonely Women - non-profit and nongovernmental organization specializing in providing help to women, victims of domestic violence. The main goal of its activities is to make the issue of domestic violence more visible, to help the victims and improve the system of domestic violence victim´s support in the Czech Republic.
  • UNIPA: Czech Association of Midwives – professional association of midwives. Main aims: supporting midwives, creating background for students of midwifery, informing and supporting the parents and promoting the work of midwives

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