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Get a taste of what is to come and learn more about social entrepreneurship by checking out this great animation from Social Entrepreneurship Network Serbia!

What is Social Entrepreneurship?

Common Characteristics of Social Economy Enterprises

  • They contribute to a more efficient market competition and encourage solidarity and cohesion.
  • Their primary purpose is not to obtain a return on capital. They are, by nature, part of a stakeholder economy, whose enterprises are created by and for those with common needs, and accountable to those they are meant to serve.
  • They are run generally in accordance with the principle of solidarity and mutuality and managed by the members on the basis of the rule of "one man, one vote".
  • They are flexible and innovative (they meet changing social and economic circumstances).
  • They are based on active membership and commitment and very frequently on voluntary participation.

What is Women’s Social Entrepreneurship according to the EWL?
(Women’s) Social entrepreneurship is understood in the context of this project as initiatives whose objectives consist in impacting on society, namely on empowering women to achieve social and sustainable cohesion, which are managed in an accountable, transparent and innovative way. In other words, the main objective is to value women’s creativity, skills and know-how by reinvesting in communities rather than generating profit for distribution to private owners and/or stakeholders.

Criteria for Projects:

1) Impact society

2) Empower women

3) Managed in accountable, transparent and innovative ways

4) Reinvest in communities rather than generate profit

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