The EWL’s Statement on Iran

[Brussels, 19 December 2022] The European Women’s Lobby (EWL) strongly condemns the brutal violence targeting women in Iran, as well as towards all those in solidarity with the women and girls who are legitimately claiming their fundamental human rights.

Iranian women are demanding accountability for the death of Masha Amini and are calling for an end to the ongoing repression of women and girls. The EWL stands by them and supports them in their quest for justice, equality between women and men, and peace.

We take note of the recent decision of the United Nations to exclude the Islamic Republic of Iran from the Commission on the Status of Women. We call on all political actors at every level to maintain pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran to end immediately the oppression, executions, violence, torture, and arbitrary detention against women and girls and all those who stand by them. We call on all political leaders to listen to the voices of and be guided by Iranian women themselves, and heed to their calls.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a member of the United Nations (UN) has the responsibility to comply with the UN Charter, the Covenants of Human Rights and all other international human rights standards. We call on the UN General Assembly to use all possible diplomatic means to keep the channels of communication and dialogue open.

We call on the UN General Assembly to facilitate the Special Rapporteur mandated by the Human Rights Council to monitor and investigate alleged human rights violations, undertake country visits and engage with relevant stakeholders. We call for reports to the General Assembly and Human Rights Council on the situation of women’s human rights in the Islamic Republic of Iran. We call on the UN Member States to create a mechanism to ensure that the International Criminal Court (ICC) can engage in cases of severe violations of human rights in those States that are not signatory to the ICC and, subsequently, call on the ICC to begin an investigation on Iran.

We call on the international community to cease all investments in military production and guarantee the elimination of weapons and weapon parts export or import from and to Iran.

We call for the immediate end to violence against women and girls, the arbitrary detention of all those who stand by them, the brutal and indiscriminate shootings and executions, the right to protest and an end to impunity.

The EWL stands with the women of Iran, to ensure that no woman or girl is left behind.

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