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18 myths on prostitution - In English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Hungarian and now Portuguese!

[Update October 2017] In 2014, in the framework of its campaign ‘Together for a Europe free from prostitution’, and at the eve of the vote of the EP resolution on gender equality and prostitution (Honeyball resolution), the European Women’s Lobby (EWL) has developed a leaflet answering to the most frequent assumptions on prostitution. 18 myths are therefore looked at from a gender equality and women’s rights perspective. From “It is the oldest profession in the world” to “We must combat trafficking, but prostitution has nothing to do with it”, EWL leaflet wants to provide with human rights evidence based answers to the reality of prostitution and trafficking in women in Europe and in the world.

The leaflet also comprises a comparison of the Swedish and Dutch policies, after ten years of implementation, based on official reports and studies. The last page summarises the demands of the Brussels’ Call, which has been signed by more than 200 organisations from all over Europe and beyond. In 2014, 54 MEPs had already signed it, from different countries and political groups.

You can download the leaflet in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German and now Portuguese.

The 18 myths have also been translated into Norwegian by the feminist organisation Women’s Front of Norway (Kvinnefronten), you can find them here.

They have also been translated into Hungarian by our members the Hungarian Women’s Lobby, in their feminist magazine Femizine. You can read it here.

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