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28 September: Demonstrations all over Spain to retain the right to abortion

(Brussels, 26.09.2013) Demonstrations have been organised all over Spain to support the International day of Action for Decriminalization of Abortion and to maintain women’s right to choose freely and fully regarding their reproductive and sexual health rights.

The Spanish Platform ’In Defence of Sexual and Reproductive Rights’, Decidir nor hace Libres, >], of which CELEM is a member, has issued a call to all interested people to join them and demonstrate on the 28th of September across Spain under the slogan: "Women who have abortions are all of us: fight for our life and liberty". The Manifesto can be read here (in Spanish).

2709 decidir

A demonstration organised by the Feminist Movement of Madrid will take place on the 27th of September, starting at 19h from La Glorieta de San Bernardo in Madrid. The manifestos of the demonstration in Madrid can be read here (in Spanish).

The Spanish Minister of Justice, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardón, recently announced the launch of parliamentary proceedings to adopt more restrictive laws on sexual and reproductive health, including the voluntary interruption of pregnancy. This will necessitate modification of the Spanish penal code. The Spanish coordination for the European Women’s Lobby, CELEM, along with other organisations and platforms have denounced this law as a backlash on women’s rights in general and as it will make it more difficult or even a crime for women to make decisions relating to their own reproductive rights. In June 2013, EWL and CELEM met Mikael Gustafsson, Chair of the European Parliament Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, to convey their urgent appeal for solidarity and support to ensure that Spanish legislation on abortion is not restricted further.

In June 2013, the EWL’s General Assembly adopted a motion urging the Spanish government to maintain the current Organic Law 2/2010 on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy and abstain from any legislative change that could stand in contradiction to women’s rights.

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