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4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape (ICSoR)

(Brussels 9 July) The Rape Crisis Network Ireland (RCNI) announced today that the 4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape (ICoSR) will be hosted in Lisbon, by Portugal’s Associação de Mulheres Contra a Violencia (AMCV), in 2014.

The Conference’s overall aim is to gather and share best practice on responding to sexual violence internationally and to drive change, as Cliona Saidlear, RCNI chair of ICSoR 2012, noted. It is a significant experience for activists, professionals and advocates from a variety of countries to meet and exchange views and opinions.

Margarida Medina Martins, AMCV Director said that "The 4th International Conference on Survivors of Rape will be a great opportunity for the Scientific Society and the Civil Society intervening in this area to reflect and contribute with their expertise towards an European strategy of services having as reference the CoE combating violence against women: minimum standards for support services and the EWL Barometer on Rape in the EU 2013, as well as the EIGE study on sexual violence against women in the EU".

The EWL congratulates both RCNI and AMCV for their significant efforts to address the issue of violence against women, and is certain that these efforts will result to a highly productive Conference.

For more information and updates about the ICoSR, please visit the website here.

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