2009 EP Elections

50/50 Lobbying Kit for EP Elections 2009

In 2009, European voters will elect the new European Parliament (EP) and the new European Commission (EC) will be nominated. This presents a real opportunity to reach parity democracy, the equal representation of women and men, within the European Union Institutions. The Kit has been produced in the context of the EWL Campaign “No Modern European Democracy without Gender Equality” to be launched officially in September 2009.

The Kit comprises of two sections. In the first section, you will find an Action Kit, which includes all the steps that you can take with us to improve the presence of women in European decision-making. The second section provides in-depth information and clarifies certain myths in relation to parity democracy and quotas. The Kit aims at helping women’s non-governmental organisations and other interested actors to put pressure on political parties and decision-makers to introduce measures to advance parity in view of the EP elections and the nominations to be made for EU top jobs in 2009. The Kit is available in English and French.

Download the Lobbying Kit:

ewl lobbying kit parity democracy 2008 en

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