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  • Black Protests - Women’s rights in Poland under a huge threat

    Black Protests - Women's rights in Poland under a huge threat

    Women organisations in Poland and Europe are reacting strongly against the decision taken by the Polish Parliament on 23th of September to move ahead with the bill which would introduce a near-total ban on abortion. Furthermore, the Polish Parliament decided –without any further discussion- to reject the bid proposed by women’s rights organisations to liberalise the existing law on abortion which is already one of the most restrictive in Europe. The Polish Parliament seems to be completely (...) Read more

  • Women of Europe Awards 2016

    Women of Europe Awards 2016

    [Brussels 28 September 2016] Tired of hearing about the founding FATHERS of Europe? We are very happy to announce the launch of the Women of Europe Awards 2016, a new initiative by the European Movement International and the European Women’s Lobby. The awards will be handed out to honour women striving to advance the European project in their professional or private capacity. The role of women in the European project remains largely unrecognised, and the awards will highlight the (...) Read more

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In 2015, the European Women’s Lobby undertook a groundbreaking study to better understand women-led social enterprise in Europe. Here’s what we learned.

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